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Message Of The Day - 10th February 2021

Today you may need to take time out to reflect, to seek inner peace or guidance from the universe.

When the mind is busy, chaos is then created and you become unbalanced on every level. This in turn then puts blocks on the rest of your life so stress, anxiety, depression then set in and health becomes affected. Everything leads to something else and creates a ripple effect.

When the knight of pentacles comes through this shows that there is need to take action upon an ideas that you may be having to help you to move forward from a situation without the fear attached to it.

When you have a clear vision you can achieve anything and everything so today’s message is about keeping peace within, clearing your mind as much as possible and gaining focus to take the first steps towards success and abundance.

So whether this is to do with mental, physical or emotional movement it really doesn’t matter. Keep yourself moving forward no matter what but trust your gut every step of the way.

Wherever stuck, release your burdens, take time out, speak to your guides, your angels, the universe, ask them for direction or clarity and go for what feels right.

The knight is someone who carries passion, ambition and just goes for it no matter what may lay ahead with challenges or even fear, and with any kind of brave move, always comes rewards, recognition, growth and success.

The high priestess is someone who is very much in tune spiritually, one who has that deep connection, knowledge and power within. She holds the key, she trusts and understands what she needs to do, she trusts her journey and she trusts in spirit guiding her. This is you! So spend time meditating, trust every gut feeling you have.

You may be receiving symbols, numbers and signs from above which may lead you somewhere different too so look out for this....I am seeing a road and direction signs here. All of which will be right for you, you may meet a new person along the way and one that will offer some form of help or further guidance so be open.

(Today’s Deck - The Ligt Seers Tarot)

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