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Message Of The Day - 11th March 2021

Today you could be feeling quite emotional, a little all over the place, you could be feeling the pressures of feeling tied or bound to a person, situation or even your own destructive thought patterns.

With the devil energy showing up we all know this is toxic. Again, this could be to do with a person causing issues around you, trying to suck you into some form of negativity. You could be tied or bound to this person through marriage or family or even within business, so it’s a little more difficult to escape. This is a narcissistic energy, a control freak.....just generally a dark person.

For some, the devil can indicate your own toxic thoughts or actions which are causing you to be stuck in your own head or even reoccurring habits or cycles. It’s can be a heavy energy, almost torturous, weighing you down at every opportunity. With this kind of energy, addictions and ego are at play. This could involve money, drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions, overeating, undereating, always causing arguments or fights and not learning from them.

Now with the hierophant showing up there is a need to clear your mind, to ask for help, to open your mind and connect with the spirit world for answers or advice to help you move away from this energy.

There is a need to regain your balance and to ground yourself. I feel slight panic in the air along with anxiety but just know that you are in charge of your life, no one else so you can break free from the ‘prison cell energy’, if you put your mind to it and not allow fear to step in.

For some, you are moving away from this energy and heading towards happiness and success because I’ve just been shown a key. This is moving....moving forward but can also equally mean moving home too.

The ace of cups is a new opportunity for love, for happiness and abundance but it’s up to you to take that opportunity. Don’t fight change. Release yourself from all the negative ties or distance yourself from them as much as possible and focus on what you truly want. Remain focused and don’t look back.

Look out for signs from the universe as spirit are with you every step of the way. X

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