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Message Of The Day - 12th March 2021

Today you may feel like retreating from the world, shutting the door and just spending time on your own.

There seems to be some heavy burdens that you are carrying and it can be leaving you feeling very sad, tired, drained and fed up with everything and nothing. You may even feel there’s no way out of the way you’re feeling or ending in sight for a challenging experience.

For some, retreating and shutting yourself away can be a good positive move to help clear your head and release all the stresses and strains that you may carry to help search for answers or direction. But for others retreating in this manner may be doing more harm than good and can leave you conjuring up more questions and thinking the worst.

With the Hermit card showing up, this is about bringing some clarity and balance between thoughts and reality to help you to overcome challenges. Remember whatever your challenge, there is ALWAYS a solution and a way forward. This is just a state of mind and you are in control.

All forms of challenges are to help us grow or expand but we have to go through this process to enable us to understand why.

Today, get out into nature, get the fresh air into your lungs, grab some exercise and use this energy wisely. Have patience with yourself. It’s ok to feel your emotions but don’t cling on tight to the negative ones. Learn to change the energy to a positive to help your day feel easier and more peaceful. If you wake up feeling heavy hearted then crank up the tunes, light a white candle to let in the love and light, open the window and let the fresh air in, dance, sing, move and look around you and see how blessed you truly are.

The ending to all this is in sight so don’t give up the fight in whatever sense that may be.

Dark times are over, the sunshine is coming....keep the faith. X

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