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Message Of The Day - 13th February 2021

t’s time to focus.

Release all that’s weighing you down including own negative thoughts, people and situations because they are all holding you back and not allowing you to move forward.

Archangel a Michael is around you giving you much support, upliftment and helping to release all of your burdens but he can only do so much, you have got to want change yourself and therefore the only way to have change is to act upon your gut reactions.

By allowing your life to flow instead of battling against ideas, people and situations you are creating stagnant energy which in turn does not allow you to open the doors of opportunity. By going with the flow and distancing yourself from the burdens it keeps that peace within mind, body and soul a little better.

The empress is someone who has potential for growth, she has learnt from the past and is very wise with everything she has been through. This is a provider, someone who can make the magic happen around her, she believes in herself and trusts spirit in guiding her. She trusts her gut and intuition and gracefully acts. This is you. We all have the ability to create new beginnings when we put our minds to it so start believing you can and you will.

The burdens we carry as human beings are just fear based. When you remove fear, you clear the path because nothing blocks the view.

Stop overthinking. Overthinking creates scenarios that do not exist and focus on you and what you want to achieve but take one step at a time. Have patience with yourself and success will follow.

For some, there could be news of a celebration through all of your hard work and efforts. There could be new job or career opportunities, there could be new additions to the family through birth or even marriage and there could be just new cycles that you are entering on a spiritual level. All of which may be scary but in reality this is something you have manifested so enjoy!

(Today’s Deck - Archangel Power Tarot)

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