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Message Of The Day - 13th March 2021

Some of you may be reminiscing on the past today, looking back at family, the elders and just having reminders what life was like. You even find yourself flicking through photo albums today and there’s a very gentle feeling in the air.

It may also be an anniversary or birthday and it could set emotions off.

Now for some, you could be working on your home or through challenges around the home or even family life, getting your head down into the nitty gritting. I am seeing painting, decorating and odd jobs being carried out.......just remember to mix in a little fun and keep the balance between work and life.

For some, I could be connecting with a mother and daughter who are finding things difficult to get along or work together on something but there is a need to bring in some fun and laughter. You may be like chalk and cheese and one may do or say something that other other doesn’t agree with or are literally just two opposites. There is a need to find middle ground here and be picky on fights or discussions and just bring in some form of balance and harmony between you both. Again, focus on the positives and happy times that you have experienced together and keep that in mind for moving forward. Let go of all the stress and try just go with the flow but don’t give up.

I’m also seeing for someone a house move. Packing up boxes and creating a new life. You could be just going over past memories as this could have been a family home and one that has remained so for many generations. You may have questioned whether this is the right thing to do or not opportunity arrived to keep your life flowing in the right direction.

A child may even be moving out of the family home.

No matter what is going on today, just know that in life you have many choices and decisions to make and none of them will be wrong for you. All the ideas to move forward are from spirit because you’ve manifested them. Accept them if the general gut feeling is good but keep the balance on every level to avoid doubts, fears and further challenges within the mind.

Remember it’s ok to look back but just make sure it’s just about the happy times and release everything else, especially if it plays on your mind or weighs you down in any way.

Continue to work hard and follow your dreams because you will gain much strength, courage, knowledge and personal power with the process.

Life is all about give and take but always make sure that it’s done with the purest intentions.

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(Today’s Deck - Trippin Waite Tarot)

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