Message Of The Day - 14th April 2021

For some today there could be some battles going on with some form of relationship in and around your life.

You may be a little on the defensive side, there could be arguements, conflicts or just the need to tell someone to back off.

Communication from the heart is the key and obviously the need to try and work things out amicably but as we know sometimes it may not be that simple.

With this kind of energy sometimes listening hard and having some form of understanding on both sides may help this situation.

I feel I’m connecting with two very strong, stubborn individuals, both believe they are right in a situation and both are standing their ground. This is a no win situation so somewhere along the line here, something has to give.

Seek answers within to help you in this situation because you are being guided to take a new direction or approach. Trust that gut reaction or feeling and just go with it....things could be feeling quite uncomfortable otherwise.