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Message Of The Day - 14th March 2021

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today the message is simple and that is to love and appreciate with all your heart.

Yes there are gifts being handed out left, right and centre today but just remember it’s not about the material aspects, it’s about the love and kindness that we share as individuals and being grateful and thankful for everyone and everything surrounding us.

Yes, today is mainly focused on mother’s and whether they are down here on Earth with us or back home in spirit, focus on all the happy times, the memories, the abundance each and every one of them bought to our lives because no matter where they are, you have played a massive part in their lives.

Now taking the focus away from Mother’s Day, for some there is a need to continue to nurture all your hard work and continue to put the love into everything you do because there are offers of abundance coming into you in beautiful ways. For some this could be financial gain, it could be relationships developing, there could even be children entering your life.

Continue to focus on what’s important and ensure it always comes from the heart no matter how difficult some challenges surrounding you may be. Just know that you are loved in every way possible from those around you. You are noticed and appreciated so start loving yourself in the same way. Accept compliments and acknowledgements.

For others, especially mother and child here, remember material objects are no substitute for unconditional love. Never doubt who you are and just know that you are perfect in every way for that child.

For some, you may be putting all your love into your work or career and it has been recognised.....continue to nurture because you are growing in outstanding ways. You hold much knowledge and passion and new doorways are opening for you.

In health, keep your mind healthy, focus on what’s important, release all negative ties as they only weigh you down. Start loving yourself and you will attract abundance and unconditional love. When you love yourself you become attractive to everyone and everything because you just glow. And by loving yourself you place necessary boundaries and have a sense of achievement..this is turn turns your hea,th around in a beautiful, positive way. Never put yourself down, what you send out to the universe always reflects back. X

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