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Message Of The Day - 15th April 2021

You could be feeling quite trapped today, a little bit blind to the fact that there is actually a way out or way forward with a person or situation but because you’ve been overthinking, worrying or stressing, your focus has been in the wrong place.

I feel this is something that you’ve been putting off for some time now which is why you’re in this frame of mind and in fact it’s caused more pressures than needed. I’m picking up on emotional imbalance, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, sleepless nights and just chaos.

For some, there could be many issues or challenges around you which is why you are feeling all these pressures and I get that but remember you are only one person and can only achieve so much so trust your intuition as to which challenge to tackle first and be open to changes that may occur to get you through or past it because once you deal with the most important one everything else will fall into place a little easier.

Some of you may be diving into something without thinking about it or trusting your gut so remember to trust your intuition so that you don’t make similar mistakes. Because of all the stress you may want to rush something which will then in turn create more challenges and setbacks.

There is quite a bit of fear here which can be associated also with the devil card which holds you in this position and not trusting yourself to make the right choices or decisions. The message today is about daring to be different, to follow your heart and passion instead of following the crowd because what you’ve been experiencing is not want you want or need in life.

Don’t argue with that gut feeling, the more you do the more stress you cause yourself. That gut feeling gives you a sense of direction, it gives you insight as to which is positive or negative and pushes you towards what you’ve asked for or what the universe feels is right for you.

If others disapprove of anything to do with you then that’s absolutely fine, that’s their choice to feel that way....maybe that’s because it won’t benefit them in some way or other.

All in all just know that you are not alone here and you are being guided so keep that mind as clear as possible to see the signs.

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(Today’s Deck - Wonderland Tarot)

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