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Message Of The Day - 15th February 2021

Today is about taking steps towards happiness and abundance but only after a battle of some kind.

The knight of swords indicates the need to take charge of a situation or even your own thoughts over some form of challenge. This is a card indicating that there is no way you are giving up any kind of fight or battle and to continue following your passion. This is not going to be easy by any means, in fact there may be many obstacles to overcome before you reach success.

Now this is also showing me that someone (including yourself) could have some form of knowledge or information that needs to be listened too or understood by another individual......This could be a family member, a partner or even someone of power and authority but this does also indicate that it may be unnoticed right at this particular point in time and more truths or even evidence should be gathered as backup. You are to remain grounded here because this could lead to some form of further battle if you are not careful.

Now with the page of cups coming through this could indicate a fight for a family member or even another challenging relationship around you. This could be an emotional time right now and there may be a need to focus and stand your ground over something close to your heart.

There could be some home truths coming out which may cause some emotional disturbance.

For some, there could be some ties cut and also the need to move forward. You may be wanting to scream something out but battling within the mind about it.

It seems like someone may be fighting for justice here too. (Could be karmic justice.)

Whatever the situation just know that you are in charge of your life, the way you think and the way you feel. Life is full of challenges and people and situations can be very unfair but know that with any kind of challenge the angels and spirits are with you giving you signs in every way possible. Keep your mind clear and focused on what you need/want and allow change to occur. Always stand up and fight for what’s right & always follow your heart.

(Today’s Deck - AE Waite Tarot)

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