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Message Of The Day - 15th March 2021

Today I just feel like throwing things up in the air and saying ‘whatever’. This is a very carefree kind of attitude going on today and one that actually does release any tension, worries, stresses and strains because it’s placing boundaries and focusing on a little self love and discipline.

The king of cups can also be a master of emotions, someone who has learnt to keep the peace within no matter what challenges surround him. So the message today is about just being. Loving and being yourself no matter what, accepting who you are, accepting others the way they are and keeping the balance on all levels, especially when it relates to matters of the heart in relationships. This is also a very strong Empath and has a deep connection with spirit so you are always reminded to follow gut instincts.

Remain grounded but don’t be afraid to show your true feelings....remember you are only human and suppressing emotions and feelings will only create imbalance.

For some, with some form of relationship around you, you could be holding onto something unwilling to let it go. You could be unable to accept something or just keep repeating the past. To free yourself from this kind of energy you do have to release it. Forgiveness plays a huge part in healing and helps you to move forward in a stronger more positive manor.

In work, there could be a controlling energy around you, trying to dominate or restrict you over something. Again, there could be a need to place boundaries and stand up for yourself here to keep the peace within.

In health, things will improve when you start focusing on you and only you....not in a selfish way but as a matter of respect for yourself to rebalance and rebuild. There is a need for fresh air and exercise for some because spending too much time indoors will only create overthinking in a negative way. I’m picking up on anxiety, breathing difficulties and infections especially around the lower half of the body. Eat and drink the right foods as they also have a knock on effect. Popping pills for everything just masks the real issues. If you eat healthy, your mind and body become stronger.

All in all, keep the peace within, trust your intuition 100% and happiness will shine through because you’ll be following your destiny with a little more ease.

Love yourself and you’ll be infectious in the right way. You will be shining brighter than ever before.

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(Today’s Deck - The Light Seers Tarot)

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