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Message Of The Day - 17th March 2021

It seems there are a few challenges around you that may be causing a little imbalance and there is a need to take charge of the situation.

This does feel like a financial or work/career goal or achievement.

You may be reaching out to spirit yourself and asking them for help so please keep a clear mind and keep a look out for those gut feelings, new people entering your life and/or dreams as they will be helping you.

As I write this reading out today the energy feels very much all over the place and the need to regain some balance. Everything seems to be foggy and it could be causing confusion, anxiety and you could even be feeling quite snappy today.

You may feel like giving up on something that you’ve put a lot of work and effort into but the message today is to continue despite internal and external challenges.

When the Emporer shows up this is a strong character, one that takes control, holds the knowledge and passion to achieve everything he desires. This is someone who has a clear vision and knows that he can offer everything to the right person or situation. I feel with this card coming through you have to clearly make a choice or decision from the heart, one that keeps your fire burning and keeps the balance on every level but whatever you do don’t just cave it all in.......continue to move forward with much strength, power, determination and knowledge.

For some, you may be turning to a father figure for their much needed advice or someone who has fatherly qualities. You could also be drawn to an older, wiser person I.e. a boss or someone else of authority. They will be firm but fair and may give you some insight as to what to do next. Please note, they may seem unapproachable but don’t let that put you off, you’ll be surprised.

Just remember, you are not trapped or stuck, there are many options, offers or opportunities available to you, you just need to get your mojo back. Stand tall, be confident in yourself and your abilities and keep plodding away. It will become easier and you are very nearly at the finish line.

For some you could be learning a new skill or studying a new subject to add to your abilities so please look out for this will be a welcoming tool.

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(Today’s Deck - Shadowscapes Tarot)

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