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Message Of The Day - 18th February 2021

Today the shark is an indication of a peaceful spiritual that fights for what’s right but one that trusts in their own abilities and their intuition on all levels. As sharks are indeed very psychic.

Now to the human beings, sharks can be scary to come across and this symbolises the need to stand up and fight for ourselves wherever needed but not to scare or threaten others but as in protection for own own energies, thoughts and ideas too.

You could have gone through a period of time trusting too many ‘negative sharks’ ones that just take everything you have to offer and have lost a lot in the process.

Today’s message is about taking charge of you, your boundaries, your mind and your actions. To trust that intuition and to keep the peace within whilst doing so. Learn the art of discipline and patience and learn those lessons from the past to help you evolve and move forward.

Everything is working out as it should be and you are being guided and looked after so release all forms of fear and go with the flow.

(Today’s Deck - Archangel Animals)

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