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Message Of The Day - 19th March 2021

The main message today is that change is inevitable. We need change to help us grow, to evolve or move forward from a person, situation or experience that is no longer necessary.

When change occurs it can cause a little imbalance within us because we are all very stubborn as human beings and we like what we know and what we think works for us. Remember though....spirit always knows what’s best for us so trust the change.

Now for some, you may be asking for some form of change....whether this is to do with a thought, a person or other challenge around you. You may be physically asking another individual or even having a chat with spirit to help the process along.

If you are feeling stuck then maybe you need to look within to find answers....this is where spirit guide you. For some, by not following your heart or passion can lead you feeling stuck so there is a need to trust how you feel and go with it no matter how scary it may seem.

Be patient with yourself and the process, the best method as we know is slow and steady. Research if you need too, gather information and plan wisely. Trust your intuition and remain focused. If you rush something, you’ll miss something and will drag out the process of the end result.

So today you are reminded to release all your worries and concerns and allow the universe to do it’s job. Change is needed right now because something is no longer working. Allow change to occur by just going with it instead of battling against it to make the ride a little easier and peaceful within. You will see within time that all this chaos will be worth it. ❤️

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(Today’s Decks - Magical Unicorns, Doreen Virtue & Archangel Animals, Diana Cooper)

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