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Message Of The Day - 1st April 2021

Don’t doubt yourself, keep your confidence because everything you’ve been through in this life has got you to this point here and now and no matter how and what you are feeling, just know that all of that knowledge you have accumulated in this life time, is still within to continue your path.

You are going through a transformation right now and have been stuck in limbo for awhile, possibly even months but you are on the verge of something beautiful and amazing so just trust in yourself and spirit guiding you through this tough time....I really feel the ending is in sight to keep focusing on you and working hard.

For some, you have been trying to get out of a reoccurring cycle, pattern or habit and although it’s been a slow process I see you have given it your all and I am seeing peace of mind coming for you along with freedom. You have learnt a lot of lessons in the process and are ready for your next phase and for some I see you teaching or helping others to help them through similar situations. You’ve come along way and should be proud of who and what you have overcome and become.

Any form of transformation is difficult and can often leave us questioning more than taking action but just know that you have all the skills required within to deal with everything. Keep your mind clear and focused on the task at hand and like anything, nothing comes easily so with a little hard work and determination you will reach your goal. Keep manifesting.

In work/career/finances, some of you may be studying or learning a new skill to enhance your abilities so do not give up.

In health, keep your mind positive, keep you body healthy with the right nutrients and fluids. Take out the junk foods and you will find your health will improve. I am seeing herbal teas and immune system repair work here for some. Lemon will be very important for someone I’m connecting with here.

In relationships and love, as we know, always require work. But, I see lots of growth here and you are blossoming nicely so continue doing what you are doing. Keep the communication and love flowing because you are heading for new heights.

Whatever your challenges in life, know that you have the power to deal with it all. Keep the peace in mind at all costs and allow change to happen. Sometimes we like what’s going on and sometimes we don’t but how we feel will always have an impact over our thoughts and actions towards it.

Remain strong, remain focused and keep the love flowing no matter what. Keep up the good work. ❤️

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