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Message of The Day - 1st February 2021

Today we have a sign that hard truths will be coming out, standing up for yourself and your beliefs not taking any rubbish and releasing the some of the stress that’s surrounds it.

Now for some there could have been a lot of tears shed here over something close to the heart. There’s a feeling of being powerless, drained, emotional and overwhelmed. This has been heartbreaking.

For some there could be a third party situation going on as this is generally the affair card but it could also just be interference from outsiders giving you the feeling of being trapped, stuck in the middle just not gaining the answers you seek, truth or clarity.

There has been some major injustice going on whether this is to do with the law of karma or a court case situation but there is a need to stand up and fight for the truth or fight for what’s right.

Things have been rocky for a while and it seems there is no steady ground from what you’ve been through. But what I’m feeling is that things are about to be unraveled and the truth will be heard, seen and not just listened to but action taken.

You could be approached by a professional, a solicitor, barrister, judge, counsellor....anyone of authority who has an outstanding reputation and knows how to get the best results with a clear mind and view. For some, if you haven’t been approached by a professional then you are asked to seek one by trusting your gut to help you choose wisely.

No matter what, just know with the king here, you are in charge, go within to seek answers and take charge. Set the right intentions and take action towards it without spending any more time than you need in your head. Stand firm in your beliefs and follow your heart, you can and will get through this and justice will be served.

Remember karma sees everything. ❤️

(Today’s Deck - Trippin Waite Tarot)

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Unknown member
Oct 09, 2021

Thhis is great

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