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Message Of The Day - 23rd March 2021

Today you may be in a little battle or be conflicted about something. Now this could be your own thoughts and just going round in circles not getting anywhere but this can also refer to a person or situation too.

With any form of battle or conflict this is always a lesson to ourselves on setting boundaries and not allowing these circumstances to disturb our inner peace. It’s about standing firm with our beliefs but following our intuition at the same time to help things go a little easier.

Now with the devil on your shoulder here you could feel very stuck, tied or bound to a person, situation or again our own thoughts or repetitive actions. So breaking free may seem like it’s more difficult as we often feel weak and get sucked back in because it’s what we know and it’s easy.

For some there could be alcohol/drugs/food addictions, reoccurring cycles or patterns, toxic relationships etc.

Now, I am seeing a metaphorical bomb being dropped here so some toxic behaviours maybe working behind the scenes to blow your world up, so to speak. This is most definitely not good energy to be involved in so please, again, place boundaries and distance yourself from this negative behaviour. You could also be the one who wants to drop a bombshell. You could be holding something over someone and if that’s the case ask yourself is this done with the purest intentions?

When someone or something tries to suck us into something that does not match our frequency our barrier goes up or a gut feeling usually arrives.....alway trust it and never doubt. Follow how you feel even if something is very tempting.....the devil is temptation within itself.

Now there is a new opportunity for you to move forward here and start a brand new journey. This will enable you to cut free from old patterns and will lead you to something more solid, stable and successful. As with any kind of opportunity comes change and challenge but gather your thoughts, set a plan and follow what feels right from the heart. I feel I need to say cover your tracks because someone may be watching you even though your intentions are not spiteful this other person is toxic and will do anything to get to you.

For some you may need to do some research or speak to other people outside the box to help you on your way so please remain open to accepting help wherever needed.

Free yourself by releasing as much stress and anxiety as possible. There is a lot of fear here, mainly of the unknown or unseen. Just remember that you are strong and you are courageous so go out show yourself that you can and will do this for you...for self love and to show that you can beat this and move forward.

Remember, spirit guide you through your thoughts, gut feelings, new help arriving, song lyrics, books and even blatant signs in the street so if you notice something, take note.

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