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Message Of The Day - 24th February 2021

Today there’s a sense of juggling things around today. Some of you may be ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ over a choice or decision that has to be made. I’m just sensing rushing around non stop and making poor choices because of it.

You could be battling within your mind, saying one thing but not carrying it out. You could also be giving all your time, effort and energy to another or a situation and not focusing on yourself enough.

Everything just feels very fast paced! And a wanting for things to be done here and now with very little patience.

I also feel words exchanged from one to another but either being shut out or ignored.

There could be imbalance going on with finances and you may be shuffling papers or dealing with other financial issues.......too many outgoings than income and there is a need to sort through this in an organised manor to get on top of things...especially tax related. There are also thoughts of wanting change within a career.

For the majority you could be wishing, hoping, daydreaming and overthinking about all the things you want or need right now and it may be taking over your day/life. Again, with this there is a need for balance but also to be thankful and grateful for everything that you do have right in front of you.

This could be affecting your health mentally and feel quite low at points, high at others with no inbetween.

Like I say the focus has to be right to regain that balance. Be kind to yourself. Focus on the here and now, be grateful and thankful for every experience, challenge and notice all the positive that really do surround you. Look at all the people that love you for who you are, look at that roof over your head, look at the clothes you have on your body, look at the food on your table, feel the air in your lungs and thank the angels and spirits for these blessings that you take for granted or even not notice normally.

The angels also want you to know that you have many more beautiful things to look forward too. What you send out to the universe always comes back to you so make sure it’s kind, loving and positive on every level.

Everything is working out just fine but continue to talk to spirit and ask them to help guide you to move forward from the difficulties. Keep your mind clear as much as possible.

Remove yourself from negativity or distant yourself as much as possible.

On another note, some could be receiving a gift from above....this could be wishes, hopes, dreams and even a baby. This news may be a shock and push you off guard for a brief moment but it will be something amazing.

Keep the faith, trust and believe.

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