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Message Of The Day - 25th February 2021

Today you will be feeling like you’re very much stick in the middle.

Now this could be a symbolisation of feeling trapped within the mind, being unsure of which direction to take of feeling like your not getting anywhere with a person or situation around you.

There could also be someone around you nagging or pecking at you but you may feel torn and stressed because of it. A heavy load is being carried, like you’re being pulled in every direction and it may just be too much to cope with.

Whatever you’ve been trying to manifest is coming to fruition and hopes, dreams, desires and outcomes are coming to you but there is a need for patience, a need for understanding and need to regain some much needed balance.

When you plant the seed with the universe you have to allow for time. By taking one step at a time not only do you keep peace within but it allows you to grow, expand or do things the right way without skipping corners.

Don’t be forced to take action by others, follow your own intuition/gut feelings.

By working on yourself, you heal areas of stagnation. You allow yourself to move forward in unexpected ways but also open yourself up to further options or pathways in the process and all of which will bring you results.

Trust in the universe and trust in yourself. Remain positive and affirm daily. Keep manifesting your way.

Learn the lessons that you are going through and use those for positive reinforcement. Protect your energies, place boundaries with strong energies around you and keep working on yourself. You will gain much knowledge and power throughout the process and you will come out shining in the end.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. ALWAYS.

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