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Message Of The Day - 26th February 2021

Today there is a great need to ground yourself and to slow things down a little.

You could be rushing around starting one job not finishing before starting another. You could be thinking of everything and not achieving anything.

With the ‘Earth Force’ showing up today along with the knight of swords, this is a reminder that any challenges that may be going on around you may be causing you to react in rash or impulsive ways without thinking about things properly. You could be panicking slightly here to and because there seems to be an urgency to get something done, be somewhere or act upon something immediately.

On the flip side for those of you who need to make choices or decisions they have to be done the right way and that is from the heart so whatever it is you need to do it with love in mind.

In relationships, (anyone in your life) there could be someone coming towards you offering some help or information which will be in your best interests or will make you feel good. Could be something you are passionate about but it’s most definately good news.

At home, there could be news on some form of house move that you may be contemplating or there could be a need to act quickly. For some(one) I am also seeing possible problems/issues with fireplaces and/or boilers so please just look out for this. Keep calm and cantered if you do come across a problem within the home it will be sorted within a week I feel.

At work, you may want to go full power into something but you are reminded to trust your intuition for this. Check through paperwork, you may be rushing into something that may not end up being the right move. I feel force could be playing in the background could be outsiders or the feeling there’s no other option. Just be cautious. As we know, there are always choices.

In health, please keep your mind as clear as possible, let go of all worries or negativity. You may be quite fiery and anything can set you off at any point so by keeping your mind clear, taking time out in nature will help you to center and gather your thoughts in the right way but will also release the stress that weighs on your mind and heart.

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(Today’s Decks - The Light Seers Tarot & Angels Of Atlantis, Stewart Pearce & Richard Crookes)

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