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Message of The Day - 27th February 2021

Today is a sign from above that all your hopes, dreams, desires and outcomes have been heard and all your manifesting is paying off.

There is a need to release all your worries, stresses and strains and everything you are clinging onto, especially from the past as this is putting you into some slow motion.

By forgiving yourself and the energy in which you have experienced, you free yourself from all the burdens you carry.

Forgiveness is not an easy task especially if you blame yourself for something or if someone or something has done you wrong but in order to free yourself you have to let it go and not look back. It’s about the here and now, how you rise from the ashes and take charge of your life for you.

For those asking and wishing for a miracle just know that miracles surround you everyday, all you have to do is open your eyes each day, be thankful and grateful for everything and everyone you come across. Every breath you take is a tiny miracle within itself but spirit also want you to know that what you are asking for is on its way to you and that you need to place trust in yourself and them. And looking at two of the cards today you cannot get a bigger sign! Your prayers are being answered.

For some...and this really is for some, you could be receiving an apology from someone that is very long overdue which will feel like a miracle within itself. Please accept this with love. You may not like the person anymore but this would have taken a lot of strength on their part to approach you.

Miracles and wish fulfilment are gifts from above because you have worked hard on previous life lessons but remember without these lessons there would be no growth, knowledge or passion.

Everything happens for a reason and for the most of you, you now see this.

Trust in your dreams and those gut reactions because spirit are sending signs through them to help you move towards your goals.

You are a star so be proud of all of your experiences, lessons and challenges because you have got through every single one of the, showing much strength, courage and compassion.

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(Today’s Decks - The Light Seers Tarot & Healing With The Angels, Doreen Virtue)

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