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Message Of The Day - 29th January 2021

Today I’m not surprised the moon card has come up with the Wolf full moon in full force but as always the moon highlights the shadows, the things we don’t necessary see especially when things are going on under our noses and we have just been blind to them.

Now the moon can indicate a person around you that is not showing their true colours and could be hiding something from you. You may be aware of this, you may not be but you are reminded to trust that intuition and like I say with that moon showing up something will be shown to you that you may not like. Watch your back.

Now for some this could be around finances or career with the queen of pentacles also showing up here, something may be going on....there could be some shifty deals that you are not aware of yet going on with something or someone around you. Someone could be hiding their finances from someone important.

There is just an air of caution today that I’m seeing from spirit....things are not as they seem especially where money is involved. Keep your eyes open, check the books and watch out for someone who may want to join forces especially in a business move because I’m just seeing a money grabber.

I am picking up on one person who is a hard worker but I’m also picking up on someone who’s lazy, controlling, manipulative and wants everything for nothing and will do anything to avoid being caught. Just make sure that whoever this is around you doesn’t sting you. Continue your hard work and efforts because you are coming out the stronger person here and even though things may be slow....the slow and steady runs the race.

You are good at what you do and are good at organising, delegating and controlling things in the right way, just have faith.

For some your emotions may be all over the place with the full moon energies, remember the moon clears out the old ways and opens up to new energies, so if things seem to be going wrong or taken from you, then just know that this is shedding the old to bring in the new. Ride the waves and keep positive no matter what. 🌺

(Today’s Deck - Wonderland Tarot)

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