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Message Of The Day - 2nd February 2021

Today is a sure sign that you are on the right path with your career, finances or abundance, despite how you are feeling.

You may be battling against your own thoughts and feel like things are not working out but you are reminded to continue doing what you are doing to achieve your goals because success is coming.

Now for some, there may be jealousy around you or people trying to push your buttons on something so you may be fighting or battling against this. Keep your mind focused though on you and what you are trying to achieve and continue working on this. This is your life and you are in charge.

For some, you may be starting a new project or idea, learning or studying a new skill to compliment whatever you are working on. You could also be working towards a promotion of some kind.

At home, there could be home improvement projects going ahead, a few technical issues but nothing that you can’t may just be an inconvenience more than anything.

In relationships, you may be having disagreements but you may be learning from these and growing from them. Continue to put in time, effort and energy to all the positives.

In career/finances, follow your passion, continue working hard despite negative comments or setbacks....l feel rewards will follow.

In health, keep your mind clear and focus. Remember you are in charge of how you feel and when you understand this, you will be free. Keep working on you and loving who you are. Shine your light, release negativity in every form and just be yourself. If someone has a problem with you then that’s their issue. Take one day at a time.

(Today’s Deck - Trippin Waite Tarot)

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