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Message Of The Day - 31st March 2021

Today is all about giving yourself some time out and a little self love.

I feel very tired with today’s energies, now this can be the way of the world right now and this virus just getting us all down with countless restrictions and lack of freedom but it can also relate to more personal circumstances.

Many of us are going through personal challenges, trials and tribulations and Archangel Michael has stepped in today saying that he’s there with you getting you through every phase of it. Archangel Michael is a great protector of our energies and he reminds us all to keep the faith, trust and believe that all will be sorted and worked out for the best possible outcome.

Do not sit there and cause yourself any more stress than what is already in place here....get yourself up, dressed and out. Grab the fresh air and vitamin D at every opportunity. Notice the breeze, notice nature in every form and take on board it’s spending time in nature it cleanses and helps you to ground yourself. When you are grounded you feel stronger, clear headed and able to cope with everyday life in a better way.

Ask Archangel Michael to also help release your burdens and just know that through your challenging times, you are not alone.

Dark times never last and the more you release and go with the flow the easier and quicker the process will be.

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(Today’s Deck - Angel Prayers, Kyle Gray)

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