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Message Of The Day - 3rd March 2021

Today is sign from spirit to say all your hard work and effort has paid off. It’s time to enjoy the moment being happy and grateful for everything and everyone in it.

The nine of cups indicates contentment, peace, happiness and abundance. You’ve had a rough time of it all and even whilst in the midst of chaos you have remained positive.

For those who have yet to reach this stage, the celebration card indicates that it is coming. All your hopes and wishes have been heard and they are giving you a massive thumbs up.

Remain open minded, stand strong in your own power and live life to the fullest without carrying any guilt or negative feelings towards yourself, others, situations and even material objects.

Today is a sign to celebrate all that life has to offer. Eat, drink and be merry and remember it’s ok to over indulge in life’s little pleasures sometimes without feeling bad about it afterwards. A little bit of something good is good for the soul, as long as it doesn’t turn into a habit or addiction, so just let your hair down. Live, laugh and love to the fullest.

Be grateful and thankful for the smallest things in life even the harsh times because they teach us things we never knew about but also show us the way forward.

Remember the law of attraction, what you send out to the universe always returns ten fold.....keep it positive and positive returns.

For some, there could be news or offers of love coming in, new relationships blossoming, new birth announcements, highly emotional happy additions or even new positive pathways. Whatever the situation, your wish fulfilment is coming and it may be something that will bring tears of joy and huge relief. ❤️

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(Today’s Decks - Wonderland Tarot & Healing With The Angels, Doreen Virtue)

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