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Message Of The Day - 4th February 2021

Today you may be feeling a little low, a little bit tired energetically with no thought of how to get out of this state of mind. You may also be reflecting back on the past or negative thought patterns because of this.

Today is a brand new day, it’s a day to be grateful and thankful for everything that is there right in front of you because you have manifested it all.....even if it doesn’t feel like it.

The number 1 indicates the start of something amazing and all I can say is that spirit are helping you out here and guiding you but you have to do a little work along with them to get things into action.....they can’t do it all for you.

If you are lacking in energy then change it.....put on some music, get out into nature, grab some fresh air to clear it.

With any kind of challenge including your mental state you can take charge, you do have all the strength, courage, knowledge and passion to achieve anything and everything. It’s only yourself that tells you that you can’t.

Now with the wheel of fortune also showing up this indicates to me that you are entering a new phase or cycle and one that will lead you to great things. So this kind of limbo land period is preparing you for what’s coming so take time out for yourself and heal all the areas you’ve been struggling with.

For some there is a need to step out of old cycles, ones that no longer serve their higher self, old habits, old ways of thinking or moving away from certain people or situations.

If you want to achieve something then stand up and do something about it.

Change is inevitable, change is growth and change is needed because the old no longer works for you so go with it.

For some, there could be travel or even thoughts of holidays and/or moving home. It can and will happen when the timing is right. Manifest them.

Remember, what you send out to the universe comes back to you so make sure it’s positive and with the purest intentions of love and light.

(Today’s Deck - The Light Seers Tarot)

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