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Message Of The Day - 4th March 2021

Today seems to just follow on from what came out yesterday but signs of growth, abundance and new beginnings are here.

Finally good news is here with the ace of wands. This is news of a new opportunity or beginning which is bringing in growth and expansion on all levels. This is a gift which is going to put a huge smile upon your face so prepare yourself because this can be something that also comes out of the blue...totally unexpected.

Now the empress card indicates a strong feminine energy, this is a kind, caring, nurturing person completely and utterly full of love and understanding. This is someone who has learnt some harsh lessons, someone who now carries a lot of knowledge because of life’s challenges.

Generally the empress is a mother figure, she is very strong within herself and will fight battles or challenges head on.

The empress also represents new beginnings, new life, a new way forward, new blessings and again with the ace of wands this could be someone coming forward out of the blue offering you some guidance, advice news or opportunity to help you grow, expand and move on, on every level.

Today’s message can also indicate news of a new beginning within a family unit. Amazing news about a child/children or even a mother and child.

You could be offered news or opportunities within work or could even receive a brand spanking new brilliant idea which is one that will bring in abundance all round.

Health could also be improving here too and you could be receiving communication (letter, text, email) about improvements. Some of you may also be receiving news on previous unanswered questions.

Overall the sun is shining upon you, all is well and good things are most definitely coming. The storm is nearly over. Focus all your time, effort and energy in the right places and signs will be sent over to you. These signs will guide you to the right people and places so be thankful and grateful for every experience, person and situation.

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(Today’s Decks - Trippin Waite Tarot & Angels Of Atlantis, Stewart Pearce & Richard Crookes)

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