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Message Of The Day - 5th March 2021

Today there’s definitely a sense of overthinking and worrying going on. There’s also a feeling of being trapped in a situation that weighs heavy on your heart.

Now with the three of swords coming through this is heartbreak, this is feeling as if there is no way out, interference from outsiders and could indicate a third party trying to destroy some form of relationship around you.

Also with the two of wands showing up this also indicates the need to regain balance and trust and follow your gut here. You could be trying to weigh things up in your mind as to what direction to take...whether to stay or leave. I feel with this card you know what you need to do but it’s just doing it and that’s where the fool comes into play.

The fool is about learning from past mistakes and taking a leap of faith, trust and believing in yourself but also trusting spirit who will have your back too.

Now there is also some loyalty here which may be holding you back within a situation which is why you may be hesitant on making some kind of move aswell.

The challenges that present themselves around you are ones that you need to face and deal with instead of pushing the, to the back of your mind now.

I feel whatever the situation here, this has been going on for long enough.

As I say, this situation could be around some form of relationship in your life (close partner, family members, work colleagues, friends etc.), a situation at work/finances or even health.

There is a need to stand your ground, put boundaries in place and take charge of your life. Make choices and decisions from the heart and trust that intuition to help make the correct choices. Learn from the past.

There could be tears around this situation, heaviness in the heart, depression or low moods, headaches, tummy aches and lack of nutrients through not eating correctly.....being put off food.

Break free from the cycle, step out of your comfort zone to do or say the right thing but ensure that any kind of move is done with love and respect.

The general feeling of being trapped is an illusion. We always, always, always have a choice.....stay in this situation or do something about it.

For some, there is definately a new way forward so follow any ideas that crop up. There could be travel involved here too or even a house move.

There is light at the end of the tunnel once you take that leap of faith and follow your heart.

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