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Message Of The Day - 8th March 2021

Today the answer is “Don’t Give Up!”

You are a hard worker, you put your all into everything despite many challenges that surround you.

You may have been experiencing some form of setback, could be to do with the mind as well as outside circumstances or even people and you may have been weighing things up to continue or head another direction.

There is a need to continue fighting for what’s right, to stand your ground and to speak your truth as well as allowing your truth to be heard or told. But, on the other hand you need to release the negative ties that weigh you down. All of which will allow you breathing space and growth on many levels.

There is much healing around you and your situation and you are being guided to trust you intuition and follow what feels right.

In work/career, you may need to stand up to an individual who may be interfering within your work. You may be wanting to expand your knowledge or skills and may be stopped in your tracks because of jealousy or similar.

At home, you may be wanting to get jobs done around the house and it may feel like one after the other. There could also be arguments or disputes over finances to do with a home too. Again, I feel victory with this after a fight.

In relationships, there could be fights, battles, arguements, disagreements going on. There could be children involved aswell as money. Someone could be trying to destroy something with their negativity or even sharp tongue. Truths may come out but you are reminded to continue working on yourself to keep the peace within and not allow this situation to drag you down.

What I do notice is the sun shining in the background here so the end to it all is in sight and all will be corrected in the right way. The number 8 indicates change(s) so go with it.

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