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Message Of The Day - 9th March 2021


Just when you felt like giving up and cannot cope any longer this beautiful sign corrects you. So if you are in this state of mind then today spirit ask you to continue your path because things are about to change for the better.

There’s been some kind of battle or challenge around you and it’s been harsh, draining, tiresome and it’s left you feeling very deflated and overwhelmed for sure but today I can’t believe how many prayers are being answered here for you.

The universe has heard your plea, they have heard your wishes and have seen all your hard work and efforts and rewards are coming in a massive way.

The message today feels relationship based more than anything but as usual, please take what resonates if it does refer to another area of your life.

For some, this feels like a special reunion, some kind of soul partnership, a bond that should not have been broken in the past and there’s been some struggle, battle or fight to correct issues. The scales of balance, karma and justice have been adjusted and corrected and I feel you will not see this coming which is going to bring tears of joy and possibly even disbelief. You will be glowing and will feel a massive weight released.

If you are single and unsure if you’d ever find the right relationship then today is your lucky day because it’s coming out of the blue and it’s going to bring in abundance and happiness in many forms. Again, spirit have heard your requests and you have worked hard to learn from past mistakes which has aligned you with a beautiful match.

No matter what struggles you may be encountering, just know that you are in charge of your mind. Keep that peace within and allow changes and challenges to take place. From these challenges we learn valuable lessons, some we like, some we don’t but just know that the end results from going through tough times will always lead you to some kind of amazing reward at the end of it so be thankful and grateful for every experience.

We are all lost souls and we are all on a journey. Try and live life to the maximum and remember what you send out to the universe reflects back to you so do everything in the name of love and you will receive shed loads back.

The sun is shining on you, even if you don’t see it. Keep your vibrations high and you will feel it.

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