About Me

My name is Leone Edwards, I’m a Psychic, Clairvoyant Medium and also a passionate and dedicated Reiki Master, Crystal Healer & Spiritual Teacher.

I have always been a very spiritual person and from a young age have experienced many unexplained happenings, from hearing voices from unknown sources to seeing shadows. There is not a day goes by now where I don't have a conversation with spirit.

Over the years I have dedicated my time and energy towards developing my spiritual abilities further, which has led onto connecting with the spirit world on a deeper level and has given me the confidence to read for others with fantastic feedback.

Connecting with the spirit world is an indescribable experience and being able to give messages from departed loved ones to their friends and relatives, is an absolute privilege.

As well as the above mentioned, I now offer various courses/group gatherings on a regular basis from Meditation to Healing. For more information feel free to contact me directly.

I hope you enjoy my website x