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Excellent Medium and Healer

I've had two readings with Leone. She brought my dad through as well as my nan. Both were very accurate descriptions and gave me sound advice for the future based on things she couldn't have known.

I've also had reiki and was shocked at the physical sensation I had from the inside of my head like something being pulled away without being physically touched by Leone at all.

A lovely lady and very talented reader and healer. I would highly recommend both.


A true earth angel

I have to to say as an energy worker and medium I am usually drawn to who I have a reading with.

I run my own events and out of 25 mediums alot of which have been offering readings for many, many years I have chosen Leone to be a regular reader at my event's. I have seen so many people walk away from her table at other events as well In tears, uplifted and truly impressed with the accuracy of her reading.

I actually booked Leone without ever having had a reading from her myself I can feel the positive energy coming from her where ever she is.

I was blessed to have a reading from her on Saturday, my own intuition about her was indeed correct. She blew me away and yes she made me cry too (I don't usually get emotional) She picked up on past life issues and saw two of my guides also conforming information I was given only a month ago in my akashic records.

I would recommend her as a reader and also as a reiki teacher.
Her gentle energy shines through as she offers spiritual guidance


A remarkable lady with lots of love and light.

Leone is a gifted energy healer and inspiring mentor. I had never experienced Reiki energy healing before but she made me feel most welcome and comfortable.

Her tuition is easy to follow and she is always on hand to answer any questions no matter how silly they might sound. We keep in contact with regular meditation and healing groups and further mentoring is available and easily accessible because Leone touches base with all her client's and students diligently.

Her spiritual gifts are evident to see and she reads with the highest of regard for her client and only ever with love and for the good of others. A remarkable lady.


Had my first Reiki session on Saturday. Loved it!! So relaxing. Left there feeling so chilled out (hard for me to do!)

Above all of this, Leonie was just so lovely. Felt at ease from the moment I met her.

Thank you!!


I had my first ever reiki session with Leone on Monday. Leone is a very warm and welcoming lady, the room was very relaxing also.

I would 100% recommend to anyone, and will definitely be back again.


I would recommend Leone to anyone looking for a reading. She is such a sweet lady you feel immediately relaxed around her. She was able to Very accurately described details of my life and gave me comfort in my reading today.

Thank you Leone


I had a beautiful reiki session yesterday at the event. Even with people walking around I could relax thanks to Leone's Reiki.

I had a great sleep last night and woke up feeling relaxed and calm. I can't wait to get more!!

Highly recommend this lovely lady. Thank you xx


I had my first Reiki session this week with Leone, i absolutly loved it and it has made a big difference, i felt so relaxed after.

I would recommend Leone Reiki to anyone she is amazing and makes you feel very welcome and at ease.

I cant wait for my next session. Xxx


I asked Leone for a 5 card Angel reading.

Firstly Leone asked which card deck I would like her to use. I told her my choice. She then asked to give her some time to channel into the guides and angels and within 30 minutes I received a photo of the 5 cards chosen and a very detailed breakdown.

Leone was spot on with the major things I have happening in and around me at the moment and I am currently digesting what the angels said and what my next steps are.

I 100% recommend Leone. She is honest and trustworthy. She is an amazing and inspirational lady. I can't thank her enough.


I recommend Leone's Reiki from a complete newbie standpoint.

Relaxing, calming environment with a professional healer leaves you feeling ... odd in a very good way!

I'm sure experienced attendees will be able to describe the said feeling better than I can but you'll know what I mean when you go yourself :)

If you want to relieve stress and help yourself remove some anxiety or negativity (etc.) then I fully recommend a visit.


I had an angel card reading at a friend's house, it was amazing.

Leone knew things that I hadn't told many people about and it bought up things that I really need to try and sort out.

Thank you for an amazing first experience of angel cards. Xx


I was recommended by my sister, and I have never had a reading done before due to being quite skeptical and wary of people who give these readings.

But let me start by saying Leone is indeed gifted.

I got a lot from my reading, and have come away feeling at peace. She is genuinely such a lovely person who I’ll be recommending to my friends.

Thank you so much Leone, stay blessed x


For anybody who has considered having a reading, do it! You will not be left disappointed at all.

Leone gave me some very accurate information and some that I fully believe will come to me unexpectedly when I’m least thinking about it.

I’m now very excited for things to come and will recommend her to other too.

Looking forward to booking in my reiki session very soon.

Thank you Leone x


I had my very first reiki session with leone yesterday. It was a very calm and relaxing experience.

Leone puts you at ease and is obviously very knowledgeable and experienced in her field and I would highly recommend.


Fantastic, calming & true.

Leone is absolutely amazing! I had an angel card reading & healing session today. What she told me made absolutely the most perfect sense!

Leone has a professional, yet sympathetic approach & is amazing at what she does.

After a short healing session on myself & my 8vyear old, we feel so much more relaxed! I certainly feel more chilled out and like a huge weight has been lifted & taken away.

I'd highly recommend Leone to absolutely anyone & everyone! And we'll most definately be seeking future treatments from this wonderful lady!



This wonderful lady has opened a door for me to a new and more fulfilling life, I was needing someone to help me learn Reiki.

I'm just preparing for my Reiki 2 with Leone... The group meetings for meditation and healing are so enjoyable and i've met some lovely new friends...i've also had private readings with Leone, very good.

Definitely recommend.


Leone Edwards

Psychic Medium, Healer & Spiritual Teacher


Burton On Trent, Staffordshire, UK

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