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Message Of The Day - 10th April 2021

You are going through a period of change right now and this may be difficult for some to understand or go through because you are shedding the old to get to the new.

You have learnt a lot of lessons en route and as I say it will have awakened your soul and your eyes to your surroundings.

For some you could be releasing the past and releasing people and situations that no longer serve your higher self. So if you find you that people just disappear from your life or you feel like walking away then so be it.......that part of your life has served it’s purpose. It could be a painful experience and you may not understand at first why it had to be this way but seek answers within and trust your gut.

For some you are heading in a totally new direction with your life and moving forward heading towards a wish fulfillment. You are and have been manifesting behind the scenes and it’s all been one heck of a process involving stress, pain and an emotional rollercoaster and for some this may have involved physical and mental relocation.

With the world card showing today this has been a process that’s required patience, trust and belief but you will soon know that all your hard work and efforts will pay off in an amazing way.

Remember to keep the balance between head and heart and keep the focus.

You are receiving healing and are very much protected so keep yourself grounded throughout this massive change. You are transforming your life in a beautiful way without you even knowing it.

For some, as I say there is moving forward no matter what, you may have just decided enough is enough and have made that conscious decision to do so.

Some have and will be moving home and/or travelling and some of you are going through a whole new spiritual awakening.

Stay strong, stay firm and continue your path. Love deeply, belly laugh and live for every moment releasing the worries. Trust, trust, trust that gut and intuition, there you will see signs from the universe.....soon you’ll be on top of the world, more settled and in a much happier environment. 🌹

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(Today’s Deck - Arcanum Tarot)

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