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Message Of The Day - 12th April 2021

The wheels have been set in motion and your life is just about to do a 360 degree turn.

Your luck and good fortune is changing for the better and I see you moving forward in a much stronger position.

Now this wheel also indicates that there are currently challenges around you and you are reminded to use all your inner knowledge to get you through a phase. These challenges can be to do with others around you aswell as internal battles and conflicts but rest assured that by breaking free from any habits or reoccurring cycles will in fact shift the energy and bring in new opportunities.

For some there could be an opportunity for you to learn or study a new skill to enhance your abilities in a certain area, so going back to school or college is on the cards and it’s something that will bring much happiness and satisfaction with it. An outstanding sense of achievement.

For some, travel or work in a sunny climate (overseas) will be part of the plan.

And for some, you may even be relocating to a new home with a partner.

For others, you are heading towards your happy ever after so remain hopeful....keep the faith because there is an invitation or offer that I don’t feel you should pass on. The battles are over, now it’s time to enjoy all that life to the maximum.

Whatever the circumstance, you are moving in every sense but this is required to get you away from everything that no longer works for your higher self now. It is all about being in the right place at the right time too so if you find your journey has been amended in some way, then go with it, it’s meant to be. You may meet someone on your journey that will help you along your path in some form or other, so remain open minded.

Just know that soon, you will be where you want to be, have patience with yourself and trust the journey.

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(Today’s Deck - AE Waite Tarot)

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