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Message Of The Day - 16th February 2021

Today you may be feeling very much left out in the cold, everything around you may see, like it’s been stripped away from you and very unfair. You may be putting up a fight, trying to gain some form of control around this but everytime you do you just get knocked down again.

To me this is imbalance on every level. Your ego is saying one thing but reality shows that you have to allow this process to take its course because another opportunity will arise.

When one door closes another opens, every time.

This is a card of loss, for some. This could indicate loss of a home, finances, material objects or even security in some form and it will bruise your ego because for some this could also take place all in one go.

Now with the high priestess showing up this is a message to not give up hope and to keep the faith.

Ask the universe for help and it will be sent. Trust your intuition and follow those gut feelings because this is where spirit will be helping you to open new doors.

What you ‘see’ happening around you and what you ‘think’ are two very different things. What you don’t see is ‘why’ and ‘what’ will be replacing it. Keep an open mind and go with the flow.

Take time out to work on you. Work on your inner peace and work on regaining balance. Focus on the positives surrounding you, focus on what’s important and start loving yourself enough to let go of everything that weighs you down. All is working out perfectly.

(Today’s Deck - Wonderland Tarot)

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