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Message Of The Day - 16th March 2021

Heavy energies today!

Today you could be dealing with a strong individual, a character with ego...someone who has to be centre of attention no matter what they do. They could be overpowering, controlling, manipulative, self centred, selfish and dam right rude. This is an abuser, someone who very posessive and also very jealous.

Now what I’m picking up on is some form of bullying or control towards another trying to send them over the edge or rock bottom.

There could be a situation that someone is doing all they can to stab you in the back and no matter how many times you try and get up they do their best to manipulate others or knock you off your feet again.

Someone here is completely broken and it could be to do with some form of relationship. Children many be involved here but equally somebody cannot just release the past, let go or move forward from it so their aim is to break the other.

Now with every form of relationship that we deal with we know that if we carry the past, if we carry all the hurt, pain and negatives it will weigh us down and make us feel inadequate, worthless and just trampled all over.

To enable us to move forward from this we have to take charge of our own lives and only focus on us as individuals. If we allow others to control our thoughts, feelings or emotions then we continue that downward spiral.

Focus on you and you alone, start loving yourself, place boundaries and start fighting for yourself. Dig deep down and find that courage and you will rise from the ashes. If you are feeling stabbed in the back then remove those daggers and send them back to the originator. Any wrong doings will be corrected by the universe for sure but this will show your strength and stamina and will show that you are no longer willing to accept this type of behaviour.

As I say, there could be children involved here and they may be seeing or hearing something that they shouldn’t even witness so please be aware of your surroundings and what damage you are doing to those children.

The six of cups is all about memories and the past....If it helps change the energy then reflect only on the positives from your childhood and belly laugh. Look through photo albums and just focus on all the happy times. Remember how innocent everything was back then, remember how care free you were and how you could say or do everything with ease.....use this to your advantage, bring back that inner child again to help you through this challenging period.

With the ten of swords showing up, yes you may feel low right now and unable to see a way out or cope but I can assure you that this is the end of a cycle/difficult period. From now on things are looking up and there is light, not only surrounding you, but at the end of the tunnel. Keep the faith in yourself and in spirit because you are being looked after.

Keep manifesting the positives and watch and wait because amazing things are coming. Stand tall and be proud of who and what you have become.....a selfless warrior.

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(Today’s Deck - Arcanum Tarot)

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