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Message Of The Day - 18th March 2021

It seems like there are many changes going on around you and it could be overwhelming at times and as normal you are reminded to continue with love in your heart because happiness and abundance are all around you if you just look and take note.

You could be hiding behind a mask right now, not expressing your feelings, just bottling things up so there is a need to release to regain balance, peace and harmony, to get you through the next phase.

Today there is a need to offer advice or counselling to someone just to encourage them to continue on their path despite the challenges they face. On the other hand, you may be turning to someone today who has a lot of life experience or knowledge who will give you some amazing advice or support. Your kind nature may been taken advantage of to some level and it could have left you a little deflated. I feel there was betrayal of some kind in the past.

On another note, there are new beginnings around the corner here and there is a need to stand up and fight a few more battles before you reach that point. You are a hard worker, you’ve had many challenges in the past and learnt many lessons so look at what you’ve achieved and be proud and confident in yourself to continue to do so.

There may also be a strong male that may be fighting your corner on something too. For some, this could be a person of authority, a judge, solicitor, police officer or even a doctor and I feel with this character will get to the bottom of things and rebalance the scales. This could indicate something to do with the law system, court or even the karmic law.

For some, watch your back, trust the gut and intuition on every level because someone may be out for blood, gathering information or sources to try and manipulate or be destructive in some way towards you. The law could be involved. I feel you are aware of some wrong doings and are being cautious but there is just some uncomfortable behaviour going on behind the scenes. There could be something to do with fraud or defrauding the system.

On a lighter note, I do see a child in the mix here and will shortly be made aware of a new birth or arrival but equally, a new life is being formed here and one that will be beautiful so continue doing what you are doing because amazing things are coming for you.

Don’t let your mind work overtime, release all your stresses and strains, trust your gut and follow that intuition and you will grow and expand in a fantastic way.

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(Today’s Decks - Wonderland Tarot & Whispers Of Healing, Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall)

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