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Message Of The Day - 20th February 2021

Today may feel like the world is all on your shoulders...there may some hurt or pain running through your mind that you haven’t quite fully dealt with yet emotionally and it may be just running around your mind and causing lack of sleep and emotional outbursts.

There is a need to take time out today, retreat from the outside world or even people.

There’s a sense of needing to leave something behind or even in the past but this is not going to be an easy task, especially when something or someone has done you wrong.

There is a sense of loss because of betrayal, deception, lies and possibly even strategic behaviour (again, could be from the past doesn’t feel like it’s the present). Now this energy could have been yours or someone around you.

There is a need to retreat from this energy because it is bringing you down and affecting your mental health. There is a need to focus on the present and yourself as an act of self love because focusing on this wrong doing is stopping you from moving forward.

I feel the need to say keep busy, don’t just sit around indoors because this will cause more overthinking.

Time is of the essence here and patience is required for self healing and for karma to take place.

There is need for trust and faith with spirit working behind the scenes to balance out the energies.

Don’t be a prisoner of your own mind, release the negative energy as much as possible, eat and drink correctly, get some exercise and spend time in nature.

You do have the strength, power and knowledge to deal with all challenges and you will get through this dark time. Just have faith in yourself also. You may feel down now but you will rise and shine through all of this and will come out stronger than ever before.

Don’t let others steel your energy, put boundaries in place, stand up for yourself and fight for what’s right.

(Today’s Deck - Wonderland Tarot)

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