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Message Of The Day - 30th March 2021

No matter what challenges surround you, no matter what decisions you make, spirit are asking you to follow your heart and passion.

If you are unsure of a way out of something or just generally feeling stuck then know that you hold the key to all knowledge within and sometimes we just have to take time out and check in with your intuition.

As long as you remain open minded and open to change your life will flow a little easier and challenges become less of a headache. Keep your mind clutter free, lose the baggage and you will see.

There are no limits in life apart from what you tell yourself.

Focus on what’s important to attract what truly belongs in your life and keep positive no matter what.

You are being guided through intuition, gut feelings and other spiritual signs to help you to move forward towards what you’ve been trying to manifest here, you just need a little patience with yourself and the process.

Remain strong, do not give up you can do this.

For some there could be a little self doubt or a lack of confidence because something has drained your energy for so long but there is a new pathway to take and it just requires you to come out of your comfort zone and take that first step.

For some, children or youngsters could be involved in a challenge so knowledge and wisdom is needed to be passed down to them. Conversations may be taking place today.

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(Today’s Deck - Archangel Animals, Diana Cooper)

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