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Message Of The Day - 6th March 2021

There’s a sense of feeling like you’ve lost everything today or nothing is coming to fruition.

There could also be challenges around work, career, finances, losses within the home or even feeling left out in the cold within some form of relationship in your life.

You could be feeling very overwhelmed right now and unsure how to handle your emotions because of your current challenges but as always, you are reminded to keep the faith, stand your ground and trust your intuition because spirit are guiding you every step of the way to help get you through to the other side.

There is also a need to regain some much needed balance. Now this could be within the mind, especially if you’ve been overthinking lately.

In relationships, as I say, you could be feeling very much left out of something, lack of communication, lack of love in general...feeling very much alone.

In work, career and finances, there is a need to regain control, check through the books or accounts some losses or ties that just hold you back. You may feel like this process will leave you with nothing but I feel a new contract or opportunity will come in which will replace it in more ways than you ever thought possible.

At home, there could be a house loss or even an eviction. You may be fighting to get some help or advice or even finances but again, remain grounded throughout this process because something good is coming in for you.

In health, you could be feeling low, depressed, sad, lonely, even physically cold, over emotional, tired, drained but again, try and focus on you. Start reflecting out to the universe on what you truly desire from life and start being positive, thankful and grateful for everything and everyone. Start eating and drinking the right foods, gaining the right amount of sleep and just focusing on one positive thing a day. You attract what you send out to the universe. For some, there is some really beautiful uplifting energy coming you way and will give you a huge long overdue boost.

When the ace of cups comes through this is a sign from spirit to say that all is not lost, this is just a minor blip and a new opportunity will be showing itself to you very soon. This will bring in abundance on every level and will leave you beaming with excitement. Trust, believe and have faith. Xx

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